Waktu terbaik ke Tokyo

Sudah di buka rute Kuala Lumpur – Tokyo Jepang, buat yang mau pesen tiket coba lihat dulu waktu yang tepat buat berkunjung kesana. Di ambil dari http://www.tokyo.world-guides.com/tokyo_weather.html

Tokyo Weather and Climate: Seasonal Variations / When to Go – Tokyo, Japan, JP

The hot summer temperatures in Tokyo are a direct result of the cities size and modern high-rise developments, with the vast areas of brick, concrete and asphalt retaining much of the daytime heat well into the night, together with the additional heat caused by the many millions of cars around the city.

Whilst the summer climate in Tokyo may be a little too hot for some people, the nights are especially pleasant and between June and September, temperatures stay well above 20°C / 68°F. As a result of the warm, balmy evenings, much of Tokyo really comes to life after dark and many nightspots quickly fill at this time of the year, together with many seasonal celebrations and firework displays. Summer showers don’t usually last long and a folding umbrella will more often than not suffice during any rainy weather.

Tourists often choose to visit Tokyo during either the spring or fall season. From March to May, the climate in Tokyo is especially inviting, with temperatures ranging from 15°C / 59°F to 23°C / 73°F, or more. The plum and cherry blossoms are also not to be missed in the spring months, while the maples and autumn shades are equally impressive between late September and November.

View the latest Tokyo weather forecast

Tokyo Weather and Climate Chart – Tokyo, Japan, JP



Tokyo weather in January

9°C / 48°F

1°C / 34°F

Tokyo weather in February

9°C / 48°F

2°C / 36°F

Tokyo weather in March

12°C / 54°F

4°C / 39°F

Tokyo weather in April

18°C / 64°F

10°C / 50°F

Tokyo weather in May

23°C / 73°F

14°C / 57°F

Tokyo weather in June

25°C / 77°F

18°C / 64°F

Tokyo weather in July

28°C / 82°F

22°C / 72°F

Tokyo weather in August

31°C / 88°F

24°C / 75°F

Tokyo weather in September

27°C / 81°F

20°C / 68°F

Tokyo weather in October

21°C / 70°F

14°C / 57°F

Tokyo weather in November

16°C / 61°F

9°C / 48°F

Tokyo weather in December

12°C / 54°F

4°C / 39°F


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